Who Invented The Tractor? History Of Tractor - Biography of Benjamin Holt

Inventor of the Tractor - Benjamin Holt. Benjamin Holt Leroy is an American inventor of heavy equipment called a tractor. He was born on January 1, 1849 and died on December 5, 1920. Tractors are used for agricultural purposes and heavy-duty vehicle engineering, as well as war wars. The unique tractor wheel can spread the weight over a large area so as to prevent the vehicle from sinking into soft ground. Holt founded the company along with his siblings under the name Holt Manufacturing Company and obtained a related patent for a tractor vehicle from a British company, Richard Hornsby & Sons of Grantham, England in 1911.

Benjamin Holt Leroy lives in a family accustomed to the activities of wood making to be the wheels of the vehicle, the activity is cultivated by the whole family from starting his parents to his brothers. They are used to deliver things from one place to another. From that experience Holt got a lesson from start of technique and business. 

Forming a company in California

Benjamin Holt arrived in California in 1883. The Holt brothers formed the Stockton Wheel Company, the company preparing the land for use in the arid valley of California and the Western desert. They started their business in Central Valley town of Stockton, California, where a climate suitable for drying wooden wheels.
Benjamin Holt

Benjamin is recognized by his family as a genius mechanic and entrepreneur. Benjamin was able to restore a previously unproductive field, Benjamin Holt produced his first horse named "Link-Belt Combined Harvester." This machine uses a toothed flexible chain belt to transmit power from the wheels to the ground that works mechanically. But at that time tarktor made benjamin still use horsepower rather than machines. 

The first machine tractor
Benjamin Holt

Benjamin Holt
Holt 75 (s / n 3580) was exhibited in the UK in 2008
In 1890, Holt made the first steam-powered tractor engine dubbed "Old Betsy". the machine has specifications: 60 horsepower (45 kW) on a 24 feet (7.3 m) -long frame from a single 11 inches (280 mm) -diameter, 12 inches (300 mm) -stroke piston .. The fuel used is firewood, coal, or oil. Recorded 675 US gallons (2,560 l, 562 imp gal) of water, weighs 48,000 pounds (22,000 kg) and rides on large metal wheels. The Holt tractor can harvest a large field for one-sixth the cost of a horsepower. 

In 1892 the Holts produced a steam tractor capable of carrying 50 tons of goodsat a rate of 3 miles per hour (4.8 km / h). In that year, Benjamin Holt became the company's chairman and the company was established as Holt Manufacturing Company. 

One of the next innovation is to produce harvester ( harvester / pemanan ) that can be used on slopes Bukut. He added two separate wooden frames that allowed the drive wheels to be raised or lowered independently of each other. This allows the combine to operate on a steep slope like 30 degrees while the threshing machine remains horizontal. However, the machine was 36 feet (11 m) wide and required 20 or more horses or mules to pull it.

While more than 100 patents related to crawler-type tractor footprints have been published worldwide, all fail to work in the field. The innovation center was in England, and in 1903 Holt traveled to England to learn more about sustainable development, although everyone had seen many failures, Benjamin returned to Stockton and used his knowledge and his company. On November 24, 1904, in a field around Stockton, California, he managed to show the first track-type tractor was successfully executed. 

After the war ended, Holt was less focused on agricultural machinery and more serious to produce road construction equipment. On December 5, 1920, when 71-year-old Benjamin Holt died after a month of illness.

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