Minimizing Birds' Feather Dust - 7 Ways To Reduce The White Powder In Your Life

"If you are having problems with feather dust you probably live with an African Grey, Cockatoo, or Cockatiel. These stunning parrots are well know for the white powder that their feathers require to stay healthy. Here are 7 ways to minimize this dust in your air.

Throw Water At It---One of the best ways to get rid of dust is to use water. This will yield better results than any method of dry cleaning such as sweeping or dusting. Your bird can also benefit from bird baths.

You can provide a bowl separate from drinking water and let your bird throw water up shake it out. Shower perches are also a great way to wash the powder and dander away and still allow you to spend time with your pet.

Dress Your Room For Success---Some types of furniture and accessories are better at trapping particles than others. And you want to avoid the ones that trap particles. Instead choose furnishings that can be easily wiped clean, or washed. Choose vertical blinds or shades rather than draperies that hold particles because of their woven construction.

Choose hard surfaces for flooring with rugs that can easily be washed rather than professionally cleaned. Furniture should also be able to be wiped clean. Leather or leather-type materials are a great choice for releasing dander and dust

Cover Your Mouth (And Nose)---When cleaning the cage, vacuuming or damp mopping floors wear a mask. If you are at all sensitive to these allergens, have someone else clean do the cleaning.

Learn To Say No---At some point more is not better for you or the birds. Given that your space is limited, the number of birds that you can keep healthy is limited as well. Providing a healthy atmosphere to a few birds is better than adopting more than for which you can adequately provide.

Remember To Change---The more you can change the better. Start with furnace filters. Instead of once every 6 months increase the frequency to once a month.

Changing the paper in the cage frequently will cut down on the amount of bacteria available from dried feces attaching to dust and becoming airborne. These are the type of particulates that can cause health problems for birds and humans.

Use A HEPA Vacuum Cleaner---Many vacuums blow air out that sends dust and particles back into the air. Using a cleaner with a high efficiency particle arresting filter keeps the pollutants in and only releases clean air. This literally keeps the dander and dust down in your bird's room.

Filter The Air Continually---Preening, flying, and playing are normal movements that happen for most of a bird's life. These normal activities all send particles into the air.

The only way to take them out is to continually filter the air with a HEPA filter. This type of technology is designed to trap particles that are .3 microns or greater.

The good news is that this technology is safe and is used in hospitals to insure clean air. It does not produce any ionized particles or any amount of ozone (as both of these technologies remain controversial).

Taking all of these steps will drastically reduce the feather dust in your home and greatly improve the quality of life for you and your bird."

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