The Enjoyment Of Raising Chickens In Your Backyard

"Far from being only for farms, you will find that more and more people are raising chickens in urban areas now a days where ordinances allow. Raising chickens in your backyard has a number of great benefits from putting food on your table any time you wish, to organic pest and weed control.

Chickens are an easy and inexpensive pet to keep and give back to the caring owner in several ways. You won't need to bath or brush your chickens like you would your dog and cat. All chickens mainly require is a good supply of fresh water and food, then be sure to clean out their coops as needed and they will reward you with plenty of organic fertilizer and pest control.

Fresh eggs only hours old have a higher nutritional value and are more tasty than those that have sat on the store shelves sometimes for weeks on end. Having chickens laying eggs right in your own backyard is quite a convenience too. Should you end up with an abundance of eggs and chickens, selling your excess to local stores or at Farmer's Markets is an option and your chickens may end up paying for themselves eventually.

Mealtime is an easy one with chickens because their feed is relatively inexpensive compared to other typical pets. They will also enjoy most old food from your kitchen that your family no longer wants. As they munch on the scraps you provide them, your chickens will be adding to their menu your yard pests, weeds and leaves giving you natural, chemical free lawn care. Plus, you won't have to mow as often because they enjoy trimming your grass for you along with their other vegetable treats.

Chickens are a great provider of organic fertilizers as well. Chicken droppings are known to be one of the best to use so you can store some up in your compost pile to dress your garden beds up with quality plant food.

You will find that chickens have their own personalities along with plenty of choices in breeds. Getting kids involved in hatching chicks in incubators and learning to care for them help chickens feel more comfortable around humans. Raising chickens in your backyard can be very enjoyable and a new healthy way to live for many."

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