Is It Worth Building A Chicken Coop ?

"If you either have chickens or want to get chickens, you need to know if it is worth it to build a chicken coop. The answer will depend upon you. However, there are plenty of easy chicken coop plans for sale both on the internet as well as in a physical location. Chicken coops are relatively easy to build and can take shape very quickly. A chicken coop is basically the home for your chickens and should be easy to construct and build for the safety and health of your chickens on your property.

Now with that being said, how do you build a chicken coop? Chicken coops need to be constructed of solid materials and built for the environment that you live in. In warm climates mesh and wire netting. In colder climes you will need to use slider windows. There are many easy chicken coops plans available to you that can range for the easy to the sublime. These coops take many forms but remember, you need to be able to get inside to both collect eggs and to clean the coop to keep the birds healthy and safe.

A chicken coop needs to be built at least 60 inches high with a foot being buried into the ground to keep predators out. It also needs to have adequate ventilation and light for the health of the chickens in these types of chicken coops. One of the easy chicken coops plans is simply to use an existing building such as a shed to create the coop. Now, how cost effective will it be to make one of these coops for your chickens? That will depend upon the materials that you use for the coop itself. The cost of wire and mesh will vary as well as the lumber used to create the coop.

Many easy chicken coops plans are inexpensive to obtain and to put into motion. You can oftentimes use materials that you already have laying around your home to construct your chicken coop. Chicken coops need a little space for each bird that is in the coop and the plans will vary on how to create the needed space within the coop and yard for the comfort of the chickens. Each of the diagrams and plans will have everything that you will need to build your own coop.

So, to answer the question of if it is worth building a chicken coop, the answer is yes. It is rewarding to build coops instead of purchasing a readymade coop. With all of the easy plans that you can buy, it makes it worthwhile to build your own, especially if you are going to be farming them exclusively. It makes sense to do the work yourself and it is more cost effective than buying a prefab coop that may not be what you need for your chickens. It doesn't cost all that much to make a coop for the birds that will keep them safe, warm and free from threats to them."

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