Which is The Best Chicken House to Buy?

"I have to own up I have never been a huge fan of feathered birds and particularly chickens. As a child my parents took me to Trafalgar square in London and gave me a bowl of seed, within seconds these flapping pigeons inundated me covering me entirely and instilling a lifelong fear of anything that had wings. For the next 40 years I have always given them a wide birth until last weekend when I had an opportunity to visit my sister's new house which stands in a very nice rural location in the heart of Derbyshire.

Her excited children soon told me that they had just had 7 chickens and a hen house and were soon dragging me into the field to show me there new egg making machines. They had invested in an 'Omlet' hen system. Omlet have a reputation as the leaders in chicken houses so I was keen to see them at close range. At this point I have to admit that we run one of the UK's fastest growing pet websites and an area of growth has been our poultry section. Up to date we have sold the wooden variety of chicken houses and these sold quite steadily for us as this is clearly a growth area. What could be more exciting than strolling into the garden each morning to see what your little beauties have produced? The excitement of finding some beautiful fresh eggs just waiting for you is quite exciting. As the children guided me to the Omlet I have to admit sharing their excitement, unfortunately for me when the hatch was gradually lowered the pantry was bare, how disappointing, but perhaps I was paying the price for the previous days record of 5 golden eggs.

Hiding the disappointment I had a good look around the Omlet designed chicken house, if I'm honest I was a little disappointed in many ways I felt the garish colours spoilt the natural views of the countryside and the plastic formed shapes just reminded me of a kids play toy. I wasn't at ease seeing these chickens disappear into these plastic objects as it looked so unnatural. Of course these were never going to blend into the landscape like a wooden chicken house but at least they would be easy to clean I guess. I realise they are portrayed as being modern and contemporary but in truth I was a little disappointed with the quality of them and I felt sure the chickens would agree. When I checked out the prices of the Omlet I personally thought they were very expensive when compared with wood costing well over twice the price, now they might throw in a couple of free chickens but even so somebody is making a very healthy margin and our traditional wooden chicken houses represent much better value for money.

Very recently we were offered an opportunity to sell a brand new range of chicken houses called Carefree Coops, this is a company that we have known for a long time and they were very keen to develop a chicken house that was eco friendly, easy to clean and yet something that blended into a rural landscape, one that people and chickens would both appreciate.

These new chicken houses are really exciting as they offer something that has been well thought out and I thought I would give you a sneak preview here as these will not be available until February 2012. These look fabulous in any garden they are made from tough recycled plastic and can be easily power washed to remove any dirt or bacteria. They are easy to assemble and take down should you need to move them and they have a side that lifts to expose the internal compartment for easy cleaning. We are really excited about these Carefree Coops as they offer something that is visually pleasing and yet at a price point that won't break the bank, surely those customers who didn't want a traditional wooden coop now have something that looks great and that your hens will appreciate. Happy hens mean more eggs! If you would like any details on the Carefree Coops then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us."

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