Feeding Swans Tips - 2 Important Pointers To Keep In Mind

"If you decide to breed swans or take them as pets, feeding them is a responsibility that you should never forget to do every day. Swans have a certain diet that is different from other animals and humans which is why it is important to know how to feed them and what to feed them. Here is the best way on feeding swans that you can do to keep them satisfied and healthy all the time. Keep these tips in mind so you know how and what you need to feed your swans. 

 What to Feed Swans 

 Swans are not predatory animals hence they are not very particularly fond of meat. During the summertime when they can go for a swim in a lake or a pond they take a liking to underwater vegetation such as seaweeds and algae. They have also taken a liking to mossy grasses found along the banks of the water body as well as small insects that they can find. Other times, especially when they are raised in farms, they also like to eat some grains. 

 During the wintertime, there is scarcity in green vegetation and cold water temperatures prohibit swans to take a swim and search for underwater vegetation for food. During this time feeding swans is like feeding a vegetarian human. They will want green vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and spinach. Any type of green vegetable will actually do and supply them with nutrients that they need. 

 Side notes: lettuce is an acquired taste for swans. It might take them a while before they will start eating it so it is best that you choose other green vegetables instead. Also, make sure that the foods you will feed your swans with are as natural as possible. It is best if they eat unprocessed and with no-additives food. 

 How to Feed Swans 

 Feeding swans can actually be a fun task that you can do. Treat this as like your bonding activity with your swan. 

 There is a better way on how to feed your swans rather than just placing everything on a platter and letting the swan eat there. You can start feeding swans in the lake while they are out swimming. You can throw the food piece by piece on the water and let them eat it from there. This way the swan also gets to drink some water while eating. 

 Feeding swans is actually best done in the water. If you feed your swans on land it trains them to go on land whenever there is someone or some other animal there. This can put your swans at risk especially if predators are on the banks. When your swan sees them, it might give your swan the signal that it is time to get out of the water and go on land. 

 These tips on feeding swans are important to remember so you train and feed your swans well. You need to give them the proper food for them to stay healthy and fit and train them the right way of eating to protect them from possible threats and harm."

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