The Best Chicken House - Checklist to Have the Best Chicken Coop in All the Land

"Every so often something new and exciting comes along that is totally different and in the world of chicken houses there is a development that should shake the free range egg producers to the core!

For years and years people who wanted to have a go at keeping a few chickens on their land had to buy a wooden constructed chicken house to keep their feathered friends in, the main problem with these are that whilst they might look very rural they are just not built to last.

Wood soon degrades due to weather conditions and needs annual maintenance and coating in chemicals that are not too healthy for your birds, the porous nature of wood means that moisture is quickly absorbed and the wood rots and this is a haven for red mites that can affect the health of your laying hens. Thankfully due to a breakthrough in chicken house technology the future of wooden constructed hen houses is in serious danger.

Brinsea products have designed and developed a product that overcomes many of the problems with wooden chicken houses, the launch of the new Carefree Coops is a revelation to owners of hens, at last a product that breaks new ground , one that is made from 100% recycled plastic and will improve the health of your chickens, but very importantly it is made in the UK. The new Carefree Coops are designed to be zero maintenance and will be around for years as they are strong , durable and will not harbour the dreaded red mite.

These very well thought out offerings are designed so that the side lifts to allow easily cleaning and in fact these can even be jet washed. These Carefree coops are easy to disassemble thanks to the unique Coop clip system so that they are easy to move to a new location, the houses are lifted off the ground for air to circulate and they are also available with optional welded mesh runs. Internally your birds can choose from using the high quality wooden perches to roost at a higher level or snuggle down in the moulded plastic nest tubs, the coops are also provided with a a slide out droppings tray to aid the job of cleaning.

These Carefree Coops are available in either a 3-6 hen size called the 'Winscombe' or the larger 6-10 hen 'Churchill' size for those requiring more hens. All the Carefree Coops have been designed for the well being of hens in mind and conform to Poultry Club of GB welfare guidelines, in addition they come with a whopping 3 year warranty against defective products so now you can buy an affordable great looking chicken house with total peace of mind."

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