All You Need To Understand About Parrot Care And Parrot Training

"For me, the most unbelievable pet you can have is a parrot As a child, i loved going to my aunties house as she had a parrot and it was so amusing and endearing. For loads of years, I was married however l have been lonly since my husband died. Looking at a few photographs the other day, sure enough there was one of me as a little girl next to the parrot in its cage. It brought back favorable memories, so I decided to purchase one.

I should of looked into the care and training first, before I bought a parrot. But, I recall my aunts words that all was needed was a bit of love, time, care and patience But patience was not my strong point. Thought I would go to the library to read up on parrots before visiting the pet shop. This was for piece of mind so that I would know I was looking after the parrot properly. In return the bird would give me fellowship and enjoyment, just what I needed right now.

There were many good books in the library but one caught my eye. The first tip that the book suggested was to make the cage big so that the parrot had room to spread its wings. The bottom of the cage had to be lined with paper, cleaned and changed daily to stop food and bird droppings falling onto the floor, this was no difficulty as I always have the hoover going. The parrot would also need toys, a feeding and water bowl and of course a perch.

Reading on, the parrot would have to be washed once a week with water and dried with a towel. When the claws of the parrot grew too long, I was also advised not to clip them myself but to let the vet do it properly. A parrot also can not just live on seeds alone. It must have fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables. Drinking water must also be changed every day.

Wow, I never realised that there was so much to do when looking after a parrot. Nevertheless I was not deterred from purchasing one, especially when I read it was necessary to talk to your parrot every day. Social contact is essential - that suited me as I have always been a bit of a chatterbox.

The next day I hurried to the pet shop. Spoke to the chap behind the counter, to my delight he had just what I was looking for, a magnificent green and yellow Macaw. The shop assistant offered sound advice too, such as not cleaning out the cage with chemicals, just tepid water. As I bought the cage, accessories and parrot all together, he gave me an wonderful discount.

Dolly, my parrot has been a terrific companion to me. We formed a deep bond within the same day. I can not imagine life without her. I checked out the internet for more ideas and advice on parrots. I have found a lot of information such as how to train them and teach them to speak.

There are several specialist websites that have just been a goldmine when it comes to information. My house seems to be alive again with dolly keeping me happy. Parrots make magnificent friends."

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