What Are The Different Breeds of Chickens?

"You may be surprised to learn that chickens are known as the most popular breed of bird that is domesticated by humans across the world. Chickens are particularly raised in the backyard so that its proximity to the house is an advantage and especially during emergency things can be taken care of.

However, poultry farms are a flourishing business. People consume different poultry products across the world, as they are healthy in nature. You should be aware that there are different breeds of chickens. The world is divided into diverse geographical belts. Different climatic conditions determine the different breeds of chickens found in diverse parts of the world.

Let us talk about the different breeds of chickens. One of the breed is called Americana chickens. The look and appearance of this breed is varied. There are diverse varieties of colors ranging from black, blue, and silver, red and so on. This colorful breed can boast of plentiful feathers and this breed originated in America as the name clearly suggests. These birds weigh anything between five to seven pounds. If you are looking for blue eggs then this, the apt breed for it. One of the best breed that can cope with bitter cold conditions and most of the environmental conditions is this breed.

Another breed is called Andalusia chickens. This breed originated in 1800 and was primarily found in England. This breed is found in blue, white and black colors. If you are looking at one of the best egg producers in the world then you will not be let down as this breed of chicken will lay at least 160 eggs a year.

Have you heard about Brahma chickens? You will be amazed to see the gigantic sizes of this chicken breed. The entire body is full of feathers that are magnanimously spread all over the body. You will see this breed of chicken in white, grey and black shades. This breed is known to have originated in India and they are known for being so composed and unruffled. This breed is popular for their eggs. However, their meat is not very good in quality.

You should make use of internet, as it is the best way to learn about the different breeds of chickens. You can go to any search engine and type different breeds of chickens and you will be amazed to learn that there are thousands of pages dedicated to this topic."

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