Victorian Bird Houses- A Favorite Style For Birds

"One of the most decorative items one can put in a yard is a bird house and bird feeder. One of the most popular styles of bird houses is the Victorian style because of its elegance. There is no one, specific style of Victorian architecture but there were several styles that were popular in the United States around the time of Queen Victoria's reign in the last 60 years of the 19th Century. In the Northeast, the steeply pitched roof and wide shingles of the Stick Eastlake was very popular. The southern and western states made the Queen Anne style with its wrap-around wide balconies popular while New Orleans and San Francisco leaned toward the Italian style with its oddly-placed chimneys and bay windows.

There are some characteristics in the style that are found throughout the Victorian architecture. Every Victorian style will have the familiar octagon or round-shaped towers as defining features. The most common feature found in this type of architecture is the ""folk Victorian"". The classic styles were those built for the wealthy that had access to architects. But the common man who did not have access to architects designed his home himself. These homes, designed by the common man, were not classics but they did have a charm of their own.

The classic Victorian homes varied significantly but they did have one underlying theme. They represented a lifestyle of the rich and famous of the 1800's. Excess was the theme of the times and that is where the rich and famous spent their money.

In the Victorian bird house style, the bird house will have the traditional octagonal or round shaped towers as a defining feature. The traditional porch will, also, wrap the base of the tower. It will often contain one, two and three stories, suitable for purple martins. The Victorian style will have multiple rooms. This will make hanging the bird domains too heavy for hanging. Sturdy posts for mounting will solve this problem.

Just like homes of the period, the bird houses in the Victorian style will come in the style of cottages or multiple story houses with balconies, porches and intricate roofs. Any style the landlord chooses for his aviary guests will, surely, please and delight birds and human visitors."

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