Teaching Reduced Stress Cattle Handling

"Reduced stress cattle handling is gaining popularity much as ""horse whispering"" did. Ranches are paying thousands of dollars to send a few members of their cowboy crew to ""reduced stress"" cattle handling seminars in hopes that their ranch and cattle will benefit from these ""new"" handling techniques.

However, just as in the horsemanship clinics, there are inherent problems with these seminars. Too much information is being thrown at the participants in such a short time, that the information is often interpreted incorrectly. Also, when the participant is not being placed in the same situation they are at home, it is at best, difficult for them to apply the lessons. Another problem is many of the people giving these seminars and clinics are attempting to teach things which are outside their area of expertise. The best teachers in any subject are the ones with the widest range of practical experience.

There is help for ranchers and cowboys wanting to learn how to handle cattle with the least amount of stress.  is a website dedicated to teaching anyone handling cattle how to handle them in a reduced stress manner. This web site not only tells you how to handle your cattle easier, with less stress (and less help), there are several videos demonstrating how the methods work. If you have any doubts, watching one cowboy put over seven hundred steers through a gate with only a deaf dog for help will remove them.

The creator of  has worked with cattle and horses for most of his fifty-five years. On many of the ranches he has worked for, he was remote and handled most of the work alone, including moving hundreds of cattle at a time. The videos on  show bob handling cattle as a herd, with no stress in several different ""in the gate"" situations. In one of these videos, he is moving over seven hundred steers through a gate using only a deaf dog for help. This video shows just how freely cattle can be moved as the cattle buck and play while going through the gate.

To learn how you can move your cattle easily and with no stress on them visit"

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