Social Media For Horse Business

"Every day, horse business owners are inundated with stories about social media marketing: Facebook and fan pages, Twitter and tweets, blogs, videos and always something that's even ""better."" They read success stories on how social media can help them grown their business, provide better customer service and position them as the expert in their field. They feel increasingly pressured to become a part of this. 

 While some are still frozen by indecision (""maybe this is all just a fad...""), others have taken the plunge and have set up their pages and perhaps even posted a few times. But nothing immediately happens to increase their business. They realize that all this time posting is actually taking time away from their real business - riding horses, giving lessons, cleaning stalls, creating products, filling orders. Suddenly, they wonder if social media is really worth it. 

 The answer is ""yes, it is."" Here's how: 

 One of the best ways to get started in social media is NOT by writing, but by ""listening."" Start reading about your customers on their page and follow some of the key businesses and organizations for the sport. Try to paint a picture of who these people are and if they fit your image of your ideal customer. 

 But before you start posting, develop a good strategic plan. Will you have the time and resources to write good content on a regular basis, respond to customer comments in a timely manner, and monitor the trends in both social media and the horse world? Unfortunately, this is where most horse businesses who want to use social media lose momentum and their Facebook and Twitter accounts lay dormant. 

 Posting on social media sites doesn't have to be complex. Read to see what their problems are and figure out how your business can help them solve them. If you give them something they find valuable, it will keep them coming back for more. Nothing else matters unless they feel you are a trusted source of information. 

 There is no rigid formula on how to do it social media well. No matter what your goals are (sales, awareness, etc.) your #1 reason for using social media is to build a relationship with your audience."

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