Horseback Riding - A Unique Maui Experience

"Horseback riding in Maui is an awesome way to view the island's most secluded falls or cover lengthy hiking trails that would be tough to travel on foot. If you are a novice rider wanting to hone her riding skills, you may also take private training. There are several Maui ranches providing tourists with memorable experiences and tours across the island. Below are some of the best horseback adventures in the island.

Pony Express Tours is most widely known for its Haleakala Crater trips. You'll descend the sliding sands trail to the floor of the volcanic crater. The total journey is approximately 7.5 miles and takes nearly four hours. You'll be treated to a tasty meal in the midday rest and get the opportunity to take photographs of the awe inspiring barren terrain. Riding experience is required for this adventure.

Makena Stables is the most well-known horseback riding activity provider on Maui. You can pick from the early morning tour, dusk tour or individual tour. In the a.m. tour, you can expect to see lovely views of the southernmost incline of Haleakala. The sunset adventures are cooler with the complete landscape covered in a soothing orange glow of the setting sun. You can easlily turn both of these trips into private lessons for 4 riders.

Piiholo Ranch can be found in the center of Maui and has beautiful vistas of the Haleakala Crater as well as the blue ocean. The rides are generally limited to a maximum of 6 riders per group. You will get abundant opportunities to observe unique Hawaiian bird and wildlife species. The ranch offers rides starting from one hour long. You can even take private training to hone your horse riding knowledge.

Lahaina Stables is one of the only two horse riding ranches situated in the north east part of the island. They offer a assortment of 3 tours - morning, mid-day and evening with every trip approximately 2 hours in length. These guided rides are famous for their panoramas of Molokai, Lahaina and Lahaina Town. You will experience the beauty of riding through lively mountain streams deep in a lush green valley. During your expedition, you will get the chance to observe many native species of plant life and foliage and might also capture a glimpse of local wildlife.

Ironwood Ranch is the other company located in north east Maui, north of Lahaina. They are specially famous for their intense tours catering to seasoned riders. This tour is an excellent choice for tourists who have equestrian skills and do not prefer their fun to be bogged down by rookies who are just learning to ride.

It is recommended that you put on jeans and boots on your riding journey. A cap and dark glasses will go a long way in order to keep out the uv rays of the scorching mid-day sun."

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