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"If you are new to the wonderful world of horses, you may not know that Palomino is just a color, not a breed. Incorrect spellings include palamino, palimino, palameno, palomeno. Palomino horses range from a very light yellow/straw color to a dark chocolate yellow color. Some have dapples while others do not. One thing they all have in common is a white mane and tail. Some palominos do have black streaks in their mane or tail, but these are considered undesirable when breeding for classic color.

Most palomino horses are actually quarter horses and registered with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). The American Quarter Horse is typically a calm and intelligent breed making most palomino????e??es a great choice for general riding as well as eventing. If you are lucky enough to find a breeder who has extremely high quality horses, they will not only be registered with the AQHA, they will also be registered with the Foundation Quarter Horse Association (FQHA). These horses are worth their weight in gold ?great breeding, highly intelligent, great dispositions.

The palomino was the horse of choice for Roy Rogers, the Mr. Ed TV series, and a host of other television show and movie characters. Because of their brilliant golden color, they are flashy for parades, rodeos, and other events and add a touch of elegance to any traditional riding event (plus, their coat matches any blanket or clothing colors you choose to wear!).

Typical events they are used for include all events the American Quarter Horse is used for. These include western pleasure, cutting, team penning, trail classes, barrel racing, racing, steer dogging, calf roping, team roping, pole bending, rodeo queen competitions, working cattle, goat tying, trail riding, and a host of other specialty events.

When looking for a horse for you, a child, or friend, you should make a list of things you want from it ?if color is important, add this to the list. *It is not good to let color be the deciding factor as often a great horse may not be the color you have been dreaming of. However, if you desire a particular color, the palomino is an American favorite and is rarer than typical browns, sorrels, paints, or even grays.

There are a few breeders of quality palomino quarter horses in the United States. They are scattered throughout from California to Texas and over to North Carolina. It is possible to buy a horse from another area and have him shipped or hauled to your location. Sometimes it is well worth the hauling fees to have a horse you will enjoy for the next 20 years. If you plan on spending a few thousand dollars for a horse and shipping fees, make sure you are buying a Foundation Quarter Horse ?these have great breeding, are smart, and often calm (your breeder will confirm this). Many breeders also have hired hands who break and ride colts so you have a horse that is ready to ride and begin learning the activities you wish to pursue.

One of the best breeders of quality Palomino horses is the Rockin?RJC Ranch located between Dallas Texas and Texarkana Arkansas. This ranch breeds FQHA horses that are 99.8% pure (extremely high percentage). Their horses are consistently quiet, calm, and intelligent. They have many colors of horses, but the majority are palomino as their current stud is a Skipper W stallion throwing wonderfully colored yellow horses."

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