Ways to Keep Stabled Horses for Horse Racing Healthy

"Horses kept on stables needs more attending than that of those kept grazing on the field. More or less stabled horses are those that are used in horse racing which is on its own animals that should really be taken cared of extra specially. Horses on the field get the exercise they need through running around the field they are kept in but horses used for racing, well shall we say, don't need much exercise aside from the ones they get running the tracks. Most probably stabled horses needs supplements, better food and cleaner environment. 

 It is a fact not really widely known that horses, their digestive system, it is designed to take in little by little quantities of food. They aren't like pigs that can munch all day with just about anything or sheep's and cows that eat endless amount of grass. That is why they are fed by schedule, they eat during times we humans also eat and if they are for racing, they must follow a strict eating routine to keep their body fit and healthy. 

 Also, another thing of note is that horses, although very sensitive in how much food they can consume, they are a lot more sensitive in what time they should be fed. When you feed them routinely at 8am daily, you should never change that routine impulsively. Your horse will get stressed; sometimes even will bang itself in the stable wall in frustration and in the process hurt itself. That is not something you want your champion horse to be doing. 

 Hygiene is important for stabled horses. Their hooves should be well kept, their beddings changed regularly and you should take care to remove any excrements the horse excretes in his stable. That being said, all in all, they must have a clean and healthy environment, like what you would want as a human being that is well taken care of, because if not it can cause them diseases and sickness that you can't just afford for them to have catch. 

 As we've said, stabled horses don't need a lot of exercise 'if' they are racing horses. On the other hand if they are just pet horses which are stabled then exercise should be put on the list of his 'to dos'. Horses get bored like humans do, and if you haven't noticed it yet their feet and hooves are made for running. Let them run free once every day and they will be happy to be ridden by you. 

 Raising horses can be very tiresome and a lot of work, but that is something you have to endure because aside from them being beautiful creatures to look and gaze upon, horses are great animals to ride on to."

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