Bird House - A Safe Home Protecting Bird Houses From Predators

"The main idea of a bird house is to provide a habitat for the bird. Before, structures of it are made close to the bird's original habitat, the forest. It is basically made of wood drilled with an opening hole in front. But now, the structures have gone luxurious and very stylish. Most houses of birds are now decorated with full colors and carved into different masterpieces. 

 Shapes, sizes and colors had astounded the structural house design of birds. It had already become play-dough for human fickle mind. Larger space is provided for houses that accommodate 3-8 birds to avoid suffocation. Colors add liveliness and beautification to the built house. In addition to that, certain colors attract birds like for example a hummingbird; hummingbird is attracted to red so a bird red house is considered appealing to its eyes. Shapes like oval, triangle and nest-like are currently utilized. There are also other ones that are inspirationally carved in shape like human houses. Designs like mansions, manors, Victorian houses are very popular especially when the main purpose is to capture another human eye. Gardening and Backyard enthusiasts are the big supporters of these designs as it gives their backyard a sense of elegance. Animal inspired houses, like the ones with chicken, duck and bear designs, are also available. These are very prominent with children bird-raisers. 

 Functionality is also improved these days. There are houses that utilize copper, iron or any metallic roofing. Metallic roofing protects sudden exposure to rain and sun thus, preventing illnesses of birds. It also increases the house's durability. Some are incorporated also with more holes for facilitated airways and to accompany more birds than before. Feeders are sometimes included in the whole structure of the house. This is to attain readily available food and water reservoir for the birds. It also lessens the possible competition for food unlike in open table birdfeeder. 

 Bird house can be installed with high tech gadgets like image camera and video recorder to capture big moments like mating and hatching of eggs. It can also be installed with sound maker. Sound makers are speaker-like gadget that transmits sounds like croaking frog, flowing air, buzzing bees and creaking crickets. Just take note of the effect of sounds to birds; other birds prefer silence in their habitat. Accessories like ornate base, house post and pedestal can also be added according to owner's preference. Ornate base and house post gives additional support to the whole bird house. Pedestal gives a wow effect to the base lining of the house. 

 Eco-friendly bird house are also very famous. It is perfect for nature lovers/protectors. Its structure is made from natural and renewable resource; a type of house that will slowly decompose after a year or so. 

 Given the advancement of technology and abundance of resources, people should not forget the most important thing in making a habitat; that is the well-being of the birds. It should always have the closest feel to nature for the best interests of birds."

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