Get The Right Parrot Cage For Your Pet Parrot

"Perches with twigs, and pullout bottom tray are a must for a parrot cage whether you make them at home or buy them from the market. Parrots, comprising of several genera of birds, are as beautiful as rainbows, with their brilliant colors. And they are the more intelligent among birds as well, with an ability to mimic human sound. parrot cages should be ones that do them proud, by exposing all that beauty to the outside world, and at the same time bringing in as much of the outside world to them.

While buying parrot cages, size is an important consideration. Remember that parrots, or for that matter all birds, are creatures that are used to flying and hopping around in wide expanses. When you cage them, give them as much space as possible to help them move around. For that, try to use parrot cages known as 'flight bird cages', which are cages within which birds can fly around. The facility to fly around inside the parrot cage is necessary to keep the parrots healthy. Many bird owners do let them fly inside the house now and then, but having 'flight cages' will keep the birds in better spirits since they can fly around whenever they choose.

35"" or 40"" square cage with 20"" or more height will make a good flight parrot cage. Parrots will obviously be happy with bigger ones, so those who can manage it can go in for much larger ones. But space constraints, and the difficulty in carrying the cage around, might make it difficult for users to have very large parrot cages. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can build their own cages at home. A frame of wood or metal for the bottom, and lengths of strong gauge wire clipped together to make the top and sides would make a good parrot cage. If wood is being used for the bottom, it should not be chemically treated wood.

Something that is a must for a parrot cage, whether it is a DIY cage or one that is bought, is a bottom tray that can be easily pulled out for cleaning. These trays are sometimes also referred to as a false bottom. Of course, this tray insert for collecting the fecal matters of the bird is not the necessity for just parrot cages, but cages for any type of birds, big or small. The trays should be pulled out frequently and cleaned. Lining the tray with old newspaper, or wax paper will make the cleaning process easier. Disposable tray liners for cages are also available in the market.

Perches inside a homemade parrot cage can be made of natural twigs. Real twigs will give an extra finish to the cage. Even where the cage is bought readymade, additional perches can be made inside it for an extra finish and to give the parrot a more natural feeling. Bells, swings, and ropes are the other accessories that cages require. All these knickknacks and artifacts will be available with those who sell parrot cages, but can also be made at home with equal ease."

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