How to Make a Bird Feeder - Bird Feeder Designs

"Bird feeder designs are very creative today. They are no longer just a box of wood on platform with a hole cut into it. Some people have designs that resemble their own homes or famous homes like the White House. You can get designs that look modern and sleek or designs that look rustic and aged. Whatever you want, there are bird feeder designs to meet every need and must comply with the bird feeder plans.

Bird Feeder Designs: Easy to Find Designs

Bird feeder designs are very easy to find. There are many websites that offer free designs and some that sell custom designs for a small fee. You can find designs in wood working books at local book stores and libraries. You can also find them at home improvement stores. Some hardware and home improvement stores will have classes where you can use the bird feeder designs to learn how to read woodworking designs to build things on your very own.

When You Build it, They Will Come

Once you build a bird feeder from bird feeder designs and install the feeders in your back yard, you will have bird flocking to your yard. Every morning, you will wake to the beautiful songs of the birds that come in the morning and in the evening you will be lulled to sleep by the soft tones of the night birds. You will begin to recognize the birds that frequent your yard as they stop by around the same time each day.

Keep the Squirrels Away

It can be helpful to find bird feeder designs that give instructions on how to keep squirrels from your bird feed. Squirrels will do everything that they can to get to the free food in your bird feeder, so you will need to figure out how to keep them away because they will eat every last seed and nut in your feeder. Most people use cones, but they are not always very attractive, especially if you have a bird feeder design that is customized to complement your backyard and style.

Have Fun Woodworking

Once you learn how to follow bird feeder designs, you will be able to make a variety of other projects. You might even learn how to design your own projects that reflect your own personal style.

You might also find that once you have stylish bird feeder designs in your yard that your neighbors will want to know where you found them."

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