Buy or Build Chicken Coops?

"If you want a new, feathery addition to the family then chickens are a great choice. With lots of care and attention they will come accustom to being handled, and with freshly laid eggs in the morning they offer you something which no other pet can. However, as with all pets you need to consider what you will need in order to keep them happy, and a nice, cosy and comfy home is definitely a priority. So, the big question is - will you buy or build your own chicken coop? As experts in all things 'chicken' related, these specialists have decided to answer your questions surrounding chicken coops.

If you are planning on building your own chicken coop, then there are a few deciding factors which need to be considered; time, budget, resources and expertise being amongst them.


If you already brought your chickens and you are merely waiting to collect them, then you probably don't have a great deal of time to sort out their accommodation, and time is definitely something you require if you are planning on making your chicken coop with your very own hands.

To build a good home for your chickens, you'll need to spend enough time on the build to ensure that it is fully waterproof, has enough ventilation without letting in any drafts, and that it is big enough to house your chickens in comfort. To make sure that your chicken coop meets the needs of your new adorable little friends, it's often a good idea to look at some blueprints online.


If you have a budget you need to stick to, look at the cost of materials and resources and compare how much it will cost to make your own chicken coop with the cost of buying one. You may be surprised at how expensive building your very own coop actually is. However, there are ways which you can reduce the cost of building a chicken coop, and recycling wood whether from an old shed or from a reclamation yard Bedford is an effective way of cutting costs.


If you have prior experience in carpentry you may find it's easier for you to build the coop rather than buy it. However, for those without the necessary expertise you may be better off actually buying a chicken coop.

These particular experts have a whole range of chicken coops, which you can view via their online shop. They come in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles to suit both your chicken's requirements and your own. So what are you waiting for? Check it out today."

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