Tips on Administering Medication to Dogs

"There comes a time in a dog owner's life when they have to give medication to their beloved pets. Some find this very difficult to do, especially since their dog moves around a lot. Below are the common type of medications that are given to pets and a few tips on how they can give their pets medication without spilling or dropping them all over the floor.


Pills are the most common type of medication. The easiest way to have your dog eat them is to wrap them up with food or push them inside a hotdog. However, some dogs can actually tell if you placed medications in their food, so they end up eating around the pill and then just spitting it out after.

If the dog has difficulty in moving, as is normally the case with DM in dogs or paralysis, you might want to use a pill popper or your hands. Place the pill inside the dog's mouth and gently keep it closed using your hands. If this still does not work, then try to actually place the pill near the back of their mouth and let them swallow it. You can also help by massaging their throat so that it triggers their swallowing reflex.

Powders and Capsules

These are a bit easier to administer. Since capsules can be opened, all you really need to do is just to mix the powder with your dog's meal. The powder will be more or less bitter, so make sure you carefully mix it into their food so the dog will not mind it. Some people also just sprinkle the powder on to their dog's treat and give it to them.

Oral Liquids

This is the easiest to administer, especially if your dog moves around a lot of might need assistance like in cases of DM in dogs. Sometimes, these also come in the form of slurries, which are more like semi-liquid pastes. These are commonly administered with a dropper or are also mixed into the dog's food. When using a dropper, hold the dog's head and try to drop the liquid within the corners of the dog's mouth. This should just drip down into their throat. If the medication is bitter, try to dilute it with water.

Once you have administered the medication, stay with your dog. Make sure that they do not vomit out or puke out the medication that you gave to them."

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