Puppy flea control - Simple Steps to Flea Control in Your Home

"Puppy flea control - Simple Steps, It is very natural for puppies to be infested by fleas as these pests are found everywhere and there is no means by which you can stop them. There are however some flea treatment methods by which you can get rid of fleas. Frontline plus for Dogs, Frontline plus for cats, frontline spot on for dogs, frontline spot on for


 The first initiative towards puppy flea control is to observe the puppy and notice any possible sign of pest infection. When an animal has fleas, it will often scratch its body. Fleas are usually found in a region like neck, shoulder and in the area near the tail. The best step here is to comb the animal regularly so that fleas are removed as soon as they appear else they will turn into adult fleas and start breeding. 
Puppy flea control - Simple Steps to Flea Control in Your Home

 Herbal oil 

 There are a number of herbal oils that controls the growth of fleas so one can use them on their puppies. One such oil is neem oil, which is an antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. It also works in killing fleas as well as ticks. Use a cotton bud to apply the oil and apply only to places where fleas appear the most. 

 Homemade flea sprays 

 Another effective flea treatment is to make lemon spray which is a better alternative to chemical spray. For this take six fresh lemons and cut them into half, boil them in water for at least 20 minutes and let them stay in water for about four hours. Do not squeeze lemons instead slightly take them out of the water. Now put the water in a spray bottle and spray the solution all over your puppy's body. Do not apply on the face region. 


 The puppy must be given a bath twice a week so that fleas, eggs and its larva all are washed away. Do not use any chemical shampoo as it will harm your animal. Any shampoo will work in the same way as a flea shampoo will do. Wash the animal properly and preferably use warm water. Dry the puppy properly and make sure that it does not catch cold. 


 The best puppy flea control method is to vacuum the house properly so that fleas can be removed even from places like door, windows, sofa or carpet. The vacuum will remove fleas from such places where it is difficult to clean like under the sofa or bed etc. After the vacuuming is done, throw the dust bag immediately so that fleas do not escape from the vacuum cleaner. 

 Petroleum jelly 

 Petroleum jelly is also an effective flea catcher. Apply little petroleum jelly on the flea comb and then brush your pet with it. Due to petroleum jelly fleas will get stuck to the comb and it will be easy for you to remove it then. 

 Follow these flea treatment methods and make your puppy happy and active again."

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