4 Simple Tips on Giving your Dog Medication

"Giving your dog medication is probably one of the hardest things to do when it comes to taking care of your pooch, and is about as challenging as trying to get a child to willingly down bitter medicine. Your dog tries to run away from you, accidentally scratches you while its wiggling its way out of your arms, and ends up spitting out the medicine you tried so hard to give it-it's a common scenario you're probably familiar with.

It's a plain and simple fact that dogs don't want to take medicine because they don't like the taste of it. But there are a few ways to get them to drink it without having to go through all the hassle of chasing them around and forcing the medication down their throat.


If you can find drops or the liquid form of the prescribed medication, then by all means, get these alternatives. These alternatives are much easier to administer compared to pills and tablets.

You need to tilt your dog's head and use a dropper or a syringe without a needle to give them their meds. Inject the medication between their teeth so it goes straight down their throat. This is a big help especially if your dog can't chew or has a hard time swallowing, as is the case with elderly dogs with problems like degenerative myelopathy.


Like the edible liquid type of the medicine, the injectable type is also easy to administer. The downside to this is that aside from some medications not coming in injectable form, they are also more expensive and you need to get a specific prescription for it. You also need to look for someone capable to inject the medication to your dog since doing it by yourself is dangerous.

Hide it

You can also hide the medication inside an appetizing treat like a meatball, that way your dog won't notice the pill or capsule inside.

If they have to take in multiple meds, place one or two pills in different meatballs so they don't fall off easily while the dog chews on them. You can also grind the tablet into smaller bits and mix it into their dog food. Just serve them the ones that are in cans so that it'll be easier to hide the taste. Dogs that are paralyzed, like the ones that have degenerative myelopathy, can benefit from being given medication through this method.


Since dogs won't often willingly take their medications because of how they taste, consider looking for medication with flavors. Some brands actually offer pet medicines that comein different flavors and shapes, ranging from fruit flavors to dog biscuit shapes."

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