Diet For Older Dogs: Choosing the right food for your senior dog

"Although dogs can live off an all meat diet, it is still best to add a couple more ingredients to their meals to support a well balanced diet. Dogs have been known to have more or less the same diets as humans, only they need a bit more protein. Like humans, a dog's metabolism also slows down as it gets older, making it prone to illnesses and genetic diseases like degenerative myelopathy. Older dogs need a small change of diet to keep them active and healthy. Below are a few things you can add to your pet's food to support their needs.
Diet For Older Dogs: Choosing the right food for your senior dog

Supplemental Minerals

Feeding your dog carbohydrates, fat ingredients and meat for protein may not be enough. For example, fish and red meat does not contain enough calcium to support an older dog. In the wild, animals found their own ways, like scavenging for bones, to get their dose of calcium. And since they can't do that, you will have to help it. Calcium is not the only mineral that an older dog needs higher dosage on, and since you are feeding them something that you prepared, its best to give them supplemental minerals after their meals. These can be bought from vet clinics and pet shops.


Many think that they have to add some sort of synthetic vitamin mix to their pet's meals so that they can get a well balanced diet. Yes, this does help, but it gets a bit expensive to maintain. You are much safer in giving your dog the nutrients it needs from natural, wholesome food. This assures that your pet is getting something that's safe and does not contain chemicals. Research on the vitamins that your dog needs, and feed it food that is rich on these. Just make sure that it is also safe to give to dogs. You can also ask the vet if they can recommend a pet vitamin supplement brand that is all natural and safe. Prioritize protein and vitamin b since dogs need to keep healthy muscles and nerves. It will also minimize the chance of it developing problems with their nerves, like degenerative myelopathy.


In humans, fiber helps us keep out digestive systems clean by improving the movement of the intestine and lubricating food down the system. When it comes to dogs, they can get their daily dose of fiber from vegetables, grains and oats. Add this to their diet to make sure their digestive system runs smoothly."

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