First Feeding a Toy Poodle Should Know Six Tips

"Many friends are feeding toy poodle for the first time, so many things do not quite understand. The dog requires some careful consideration. When the dog is just brought home, body and lifestyle is certainly not suited to our lifestyle, so we need to take good care of the dog not only providing the pet supplies.First Feeding a Toy Poodle Should Know Six Tips

First: it is best to buy the poodle from professional kennel or individual breeders, because this can guarantee the health of the small poodle dog and generally such a little dog is injected with the vaccine.

Second: when it just go to a new environment, the little poodle may keep shouting because of the unrest, especially sleeping in the dark night. This time as a master, you should prepare enough food and water, give it ready to a warm and comfortable dog bed or mat, with your soft old clothes to pad above the bed on it at any time be able to see your place (such as your bed, bedroom corner), so that it can reduce the fear. If it still howls, do not turn on the lights to go comfort once it shout, consolation twice is OK. After a few days, it will naturally be quiet.

Third: feeding the puppies on the 1st 3-4 times feeding. If it is a half or less of the small Teddy dogs. Recommend that you feed special puppy milk (high price) or baby skimmed milk powder, baby cereal oatmeal cornmeal porridge. These things are easy to digest nutrients more suitable for the little dog. For poodle aged 2 months or more, almost can feed the dog food, but to soaked until soft in the feed.

Fourth: just got home puppies can not take a bath; especially the puppies are no vaccination. If feel dirty, you can use a towel moistened with warm water to wipe the body of the puppy.

Fifth: just small Teddy dog defecation problems in general. Teddy dog is not very conscious of the designated toilet. Small babies will casually urinate on the small Teddy dog. This time owner should take a tolerant attitude and get ready to training. For smaller dogs, you can give it dog diapers.

Sixth: no matter how hot the weather, the poodle is not suitable to a long time blowing under air-conditioner, especially younger dog. Try not to blow the air conditioning; it is very easy to catch cold induced disease. Even if it is blowing fan should not vent facing the dog. When the temperature decreases, you can wear dog clothes for the poodle to keep warm."

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