5 Tips When Looking At English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

"There are many things you can do that will make your new puppy purchase a joyous experience. There are a few pitfalls that must be avoided along the way as well. Consider the following tips before shopping for a new pup. 
5 Tips When Looking At English Bulldog Puppies For Sale


 When you are looking at English Bulldog puppies for sale it is very likely that you will find soon enough that the price is higher than others. While it may be tempting to look for a lower price it is important to know that a lower price can mean a lower quality of puppy and a lower amount of years the pup will live. A healthy bulldog will live up to 14 years and they will be quality years as well. 

 Meet The Parents 

 English Bulldog puppies for sale are plenty and they can steal your heart right away, but before you agree to make the purchase it is a good idea to meet the parents. English Bulldogs will usually have great temperament, but just in case you should meet the parents as they will give you an idea of what to expect from your pup when he grows up. You will also be able to see the conditions in which the puppies are kept to ensure that you are dealing with an ethical breeder. 

 Go Back A Few Generations 

 If you are interested in a particular body type for your bulldog then it is important to look at a few generations which the breeder can provide. When you first meet a puppy it can be hard to determine the body type you will get, but looking at the bloodline will better your chances of getting what you want. Breeders with English Bulldog puppies for sale know that people want certain features so for the most part they will try to get you as much information as possible. 

 The AKC Champion Is Secondary 

 When looking at English bulldog puppies for sale, a lot of people put too much stock at what is happening in dog shows. While dog shows are a good indication of what champions look like, they should not be your first priority. Keep in mind that dog show champions are not necessarily the best all over, but rather the best present at that particular show. 

 Information On Website 

 If the breeder you have chosen has a website then you should make sure to check it. The website should have a lot of information so that you can make an informed decision. If the website does not include the information that you need then perhaps you should be doing a lot more research on the breeder. References are also usually added to the website as well as a lot of puppy pictures."

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