How Can You Develop Emotional Attachment With an Orphaned Puppy

"Are you kind enough to adopt orphaned puppies? This sure is time consuming but builds an everlasting bond. Puppies get orphaned when the mother is not around to take care or when she has some deficiencies that prevent her from milking the newborns. There are also instances when the mother takes care for a few weeks but somehow grows incapable to care for them after that. Although, rearing such young puppies is a big responsibility, some people actually take charge of such abandoned or motherless puppies. 

 The way to rear an orphaned puppy is not much different than adopting the puppy from the litter. Certainly this type of puppy raising is time consuming but is not less rewarding. It will develop a priceless emotional attachment with the new furry little friend. For the successful raising of a newborn puppy, you must consider the following: 

 Nutrition and weaning 

 If you can't find a bitch to feed the pups in the first 12 hours, then commercially prepared milk formulas make the best deal. They comprise of a balanced nutritional composition to support and nurture orphan puppies. In their absence, some homemade milk formulas will also work. Supplying young puppies with adequate nutrition is perhaps the biggest concern while hand raising the puppies. They can be fed trough bottles or tubes if they are small enough to ingest on their own. 

 Hygiene and Sanitation 

 Very young puppies lack the necessary muscle to control urination or defecation. These functions are usually stimulated by the mother who licks the puppy anal. But in case of orphaned puppies, the owner can try to manually stimulate urination or defecation with a cotton ball. Try stimulating the action after every feed and once it is done, wipe the area with moist towel. After some time, their bowel movements and bladder would strengthen and they will be able to do it on their own. 

 Proper temperature and humidity 

 Puppies require optimal or ambient temperatures for healthy growth. When they are young, they don't have the capability to conserve energy or create it by shivering. A heat lamp or warm water pad is more likely to provide the puppy with the ideal temperature. But don't forget to measure the temperature from time to time. If left unattended, you run the risk of overheating the newborn. 


 Like humans, puppies have a dire need to socialize. Let's just say it's the way they thrive. They require stimulation and when there are other puppies around, they will try to snuggle with each other. By interacting with the fellow litter mates, the puppy learns to interact right from the beginning. Early socializing will make it feel secure and develop a good behavioral attitude. If you happen to have a single puppy, make sure you provide sufficient attention."

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