Dog 101 - 5 Tips to Keep Your Pup Cool During Summer

"Summer days are a wonderful time to spend outside with your dog, with lots of fun to be had running around and playing under the sun. However, too much sun exposure and heat is going to be very bad for your four-legged friend.

Here are a few tips to help your dog enjoy their summer and protect them from the heat of the sun.

Give your dog a nice, well-shaded and ventilated area outside

Your dog still needs to exercise, no matter what the weather is. Have a shaded space where your dog can play and run around. You can get a small roof covered over their play pen or you can transfer it to an area where there are lots of trees.

Water up

Make sure your dog gets a lot of water so that they don't suffer from heatstroke. Place fresh drinking water for them in their play pen and in the kitchen or their eating area. Even when you take your dog out for a short walk or jog, take a water bottle with you so that you can give it some water. If your dog has degenerative myelopathy and cannot drink water on their own, you will need to give it fluids every few hours to keep it hydrated.

Bush their coat

Dogs that have medium-length to long hair will have a hard time coping with the heat. Brush their hair daily to ventilate it and allow air to go through it better. This also helps them keep clean and stops their hair from getting tangled. Use a brush that helps take out loose hairs so that they're not shed all over the house.

Watch for plants

Summer also means new plants. Although most flowers and bushes don't really bother our pet dogs, some are very toxic to them. You also need to look out for weeds such as foxtails. They have little seeds that could stick to your dog's fur and paws.

Never leave your dog inside your car

Your car turns into an oven when summer comes in, so never leave your dog inside it, even for a few minutes. If you cannot avoid having to take your dog with you on a car trip, like if you need to take it to the vet for a degenerative myelopathy check-up, make sure you keep your windows open or the air conditioner on. If you have leather seats, cover them with a cloth mat before you place the dog inside the car."

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