4 Tips on Giving your Dog a Bath

"Dog owners don't really realize or even think about this, but when they give their dogs a bath, it's often an uncomfortable experience for dogs, which leads them to bath time. There are, of course, some breeds that have no problem with getting wet; in fact, they might even love getting into the water. Still, it's likely that you will traumatize your dog into thinking that baths are unpleasant experiences, making them act defensive, even going as far as to hide from you when they sense its bath time.

Here are a few tips to help your dog enjoy bath time a bit better.

Never use human bath products

As much as possible, use bath products specifically made for dogs. You might think that we can just clean them up using the soaps and shampoos we use on our own hair and body, but some chemicals and components used in these products could have harmful effects on dogs. Also, try to use products that are made from natural or organic materials.

Use warm water

Keep in mind that your dog is covered in fur. It will take some time for their fur to dry up, so if you use cold water when giving them a bath, they'll feel cold while drying. Warm water raises their body temperature so after bath time, their bodies won't feel that cold. Warm water also helps them relax during a bath. This minimizes the chance of them shaking and moving around while you're cleaning them. If your dog has nerve and joint problems, such as in cases of degenerative myelopathy, warm water will help soothe their pain.

Don't over-bath them

Dogs shouldn't be bathed too often. In fact, once a week is pushing it-a monthly bath will suffice in warmer climates. Don't give them a bath every day since this could cause their fur to become too dry. Each time you give them a bath, the natural oils in their fur are stripped off, and fur that's too dry is also prone to shedding.

Dry them out with towels

Your dog will automatically shake itself dry after you give it a bath, but help them out by rubbing a towel all over their fur to absorb the water. Dogs that have degenerative myelopathy might not be able to shake themselves dry so you will have to help them out. You can also use a blower, but some dogs are afraid of the sound that it makes."

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