Rocky Adventure - Rocky Meets Mr. Good Cat

"What is it that a cat thinks? Dogs don't often question the very nature they were born to, but often wonder how it is that a fellow four-legged creature as such could prove to be the absolutely most fascinating thing in the room when it comes to entertainment. 

 And it's not the fact that we love to chase them. It is the fact that it is they who seem to love to be pursued. Why run? Why flee a playmate unless there is a game to be played. Yes. It is the cat that loves the game and that is why we chase: Because we are dogs. 

 So that brings us to that exact predicament. Mr. Cat here says I can't catch him. He sits upon my fence, meowing soft mews that are quite frankly very annoying. Before this I was laying in the sunshine that the window overlooking the backyard offered my soft dreams. And that's when mews interrupted my fancy sleep and brought me out here to get a better view of what was going on. 

 Everything was in complete order. The leaves were undisturbed and even the squirrels had clearly known better than to trample on my ground. But Mr. Cat didn't. Or at least he claimed he didn't. He sat upon my fence with a very pompous attitude that seemed to say: All that lay before me is mine. 

 He was wrong. And even when I told him to scat, he remained unwavering. I barked. My efforts were joined by my good neighbor Buck, but nothing phased this cat. He stood his place firm. 

 ""What is it that you want?"" I barked furiously. ""You're in my yard now and whatever I say goes. I say you had better run before we catch that fluffy tail of yours and use it for a chew toy."" I could sure be intimidating when there were trespassing felines around. 

 ""Well, my good sir, I happen to be exploring my new homestead,"" Mr. Cat explained as though he had every business being here. ""I have recently set claim to the territory a little ways down the road and I want to meet all the common folk that reside in my territory. Who might you be, my good dog?"" 

 I was astounded. No cat had ever taken a moment to speak as much as a meow to me, but Mr. Cat here had basically just introduced himself, even if it was a little obnoxious. 

 ""Anybody around here knows that I'm Rocky and that this is my castle,"" I growled. 

 ""Yeah,"" Buck chimed in, ""And I'm the loudest dog on the block. Those that hear me call me Buck!"" 

 I covered my ears to block out some of Buck's wildly obnoxious howl, but it seldom does much to save the old eardrums. Even Mr. Cat covered his ears and shied away from Buck, but did not leave our presence. He did in fact seem more intrigued than before. 

 ""My, that is a very powerful howl you have there,"" Mr. Cat exclaimed after the noise had subsided. ""It's good to know that there is a siren around to warn in case of danger or threat. I will rest better knowing that there is a reliable alarm in the neighborhood."" 

 I was baffled. No cats had ever talked to us let alone offered a compliment. I had to know more about this cat. He didn't belong. I rushed the fence to instigate chase, but Mr. Cat remained. 

 ""You have a lot of determination, Mr. Rocky,"" Mr. Cat meowed down to me. ""But, why is it that you can't get up here?"" 

 ""I can if I want to,"" my fierceness had left me now that the cat had called my bluff. ""But I know better than to leave the yard. I could get doggy-knapped or worse."" 

 Mr. Cat sat and considered what I had said. ""You know, that is very true. Cars rush by and I can't tell you how many times my tail has met the grasp of another person. In my old home, no one dared to grab my tail, but everyone around here wants to tug on my furry tail. They might be doing the same to my companion as we speak. Perhaps I should return to ensure she is safe."" 

 Mr. Cat looked around suspiciously and asked us to keep an eye out for any intruders that would want to steal his fluffy ball and string, and then he hopped away and raced down the sidewalk. Buck and I watched as his tail sped down the walkway and enter the third house on the left. 

 ""What a strange cat."" I told Buck. 

 ""Yeah, but he would have made a good cat for chasing."" Buck howled. ""I sure hope he comes back to play a good game of chase."""

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