Best Food For Dogs That You Also Love To Eat And human foods for dogs

Best Food For Dogs That You Also Love To Eat And human foods for dogs. "Buying commercial dog foods for your pet is certainly costly. Furthermore, choosing just any available dog food in the market can be risky for your dog's health. Thus, it is great to know that the best food for dogs might also be the same foods you are eating. 
Best Food For Dogs That You Also Love To Eat And human foods for dogs

It is best to feed to your pet when it needs a plain meal or when its stomach feels upset. There are even different kinds and varieties of rice to choose from. If you have an older dog to feed, the best kind to use is instant or white rice since it can be digested easily, while providing the animal with adequate energy. If you want to give your pet a meal that has more protein, yet lower in fat contents; then your best choice is brown rice. 

 Pumpkin or any kind of squash is also among the foods that you might want to eat and is also great for your pet. Squash contains betacarotene or provitamin A. It can be added to your pet's meal if you want its stool to bulk up. Be careful to take away the seeds; slice the vegetable to prepare an enjoyable and crunchy dog snack. 

You love to eat popcorn especially when watching a movie. Popcorn with no salt or butter also makes a great treat for your pet. Although for humans, popcorn may seem like a junk food, it actually contains potassium and other minerals for building bones such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Next time you are watching a movie at home, enjoy watching it with your pet as you share a tumbler of popcorn. 

 Lean Meat 
 Lean meat can either be beef, pork or chicken. Lean meat is one that has no visible fat. It also contains no added seasonings or sauces. Such kind of meat is a good treat to give your pet while training it. It can provide your pet with additional protein. Adding lean meat to your pet's diet will provide the animal with balanced amount of amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscles. From meat, your dog can also get B-vitamins like Cobalamine, Pyridoxine, Niacin, Riboflavin and Thiamine that are essential in your pet's body metabolism. 

 Liver is another food you eat that can also be fed to your pet. You can purchase it from the pet store as freeze dried or from local markets and grocery stores. Like lean meat, liver is also a good training dog treat. You can cook or bake the liver before giving it to your dog. It also contains loads of B-vitamins, vitamins A and K and iron. Yet, you have to give just the right amount of liver to your dog as too much of it can be toxic to the animal due to liver's high vitamin A content. Ideally, you need to feed your pet with about a gram if liver per kilogram body weight of the dog. 

 This fruit is ideal to be included in your own diet due to its fiber and nutritional contents. In the same way, the nutrients contained in pineapple also make this fruit a great treat for your pet. Although pineapple contains sugar, it also has essential minerals like potassium and calcium."

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