The Best Outdoor Dog Games For Your Pet

"If you are fortunate enough to have a dog as a pet, you already know just how rewarding the expo can be. There are many good reasons why dogs have come to be known as ""Man's Best Friend"", and the companionship and loyalty that they provide seems to be exclusively shared by humans to canines. 

 Being a puppy owner comes with a number of important responsibilities, all of which can have a significant impact on the health and condition of your pet, as well as his quality of life. One of the most important of these is making sure that your canin gets the proper exercise, which can be done using a variety of different games. Some of the most beneficial games you can play with your dog are: freestyle obedience, batting practice, obstacle course, wet fetch, and hidden treasure. 

 Freestyle obedience training generally involves both the dog and the handler performing to musical accompaniment. There are a number of different approaches to doing this, and since the mid-1990s, even more definitions to the form have been introduced. While some would use such exercises in competition with other dogs and handlers, others are simply content to entertain a crowd. Nevertheless, freestyle training has a number of significant advantages to both dog and owner, and such exercises are particularly suitable for teaching children proper ways of caring for a dog. 

 A more demanding form of training involves running your dog through an obstacle course. This is something that will require a great deal of experience, and is probably not suitable for those who are new to dog training. More physically challenging than most other forms of dog training procedures, an obstacle run will help teach your dog obedience, and improve his agility and physical fitness. Keep in mind that such exercises are better suited to dogs that have already learned to follow basic commands, so it might be best to start him off slowly at first. 

 One of the most enjoyable exercises for both dog and owner is the wet fetch. The practice started from hunters who would pit their dogs against each other's in a competition to see which one could jump the furthest from the dock to the water, which is typically a lake. The game has been played informally for decades, but it was only recently when it began to achieve widespread popularity all over the United States. Today, large wet fetching competitions are held in many countries, most especially in the United States, and such events routinely pull in large crowds. 

 Another game that is fast increasing in popularity is the hidden treasure hunt. This involves training your pet to dig up ""hidden treasures"", which are usually toys or bones buried just under the surface of the ground. 

 There are many other exercises and games you can play with your dog, and they are a great way to maintain his physical well-being. As a further advantage, these activities will help strengthen the bond between dog and owner as well."

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