Dog Training Online Review

"Very few people are fortunate enough to have a dog that quickly learns commands and exhibits no behavior that needs correction. Most people have at least one issue with their dog that they would like to correct, but training can be expensive and time-consuming. Now, with the help of Dog Training Online by Dove Cresswell, everyone can quickly search for training videos that will help them correct bad behavior and train their dog to do fun tricks. 

 Why Should You Trust Dove Cresswell? 

 There are many trainers out there, but Dove really stands apart from the crowd. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, which means she has put in the training and gone through the assessment and evaluation, and has been determined to be competent in dog training. In short, she is not just saying she knows how to train dogs, but she also has the experience and credentials to back it up. 

 More importantly she has the experience to back up the credentials. Starting in a veterinary office and working as a trainer in various films, such as Marley & Me: The Puppy Years, Dove has had her share of experience around dogs, understanding dog behavior, and training them in a non-threatening way. 

 What Dog Training Online Offers 

 Dove's training is very positive and kind, and this type of training can work for any dog regardless of the problem. Many trainers focus on becoming the 'alpha' in a threatening and scary way, but that kind of training can actually have a negative effect on dogs and result in more bad behavior that needs to be eliminated. 

 She has made all of her training in video format so that you can watch how she trains. Video allows you to watch her body language, and the dog's body language as well, which is very important for positive results. It is not enough to know 'just' the command or how your body language should be. In order to understand if the training is working properly, you need to know exactly how to give the command verbally and non-verbally, and how your dog should be reacting. 

 Dove has made videos centered on a few different subjects including: 

 Beyond the tricks and obedience training, Dove has included important videos that discuss clicker training, jogging with your dog, choosing the right dog food, plus other tips to ensure you and your dog are happy. 

 The Pros 

 The Cons 

 Who Will Really Benefit From The Online Training? 

 Anyone who has a dog with behavioral issues will benefit from Dog Training Online. You will save money by using Dove, and even though you will be missing the personal critique that an in-person trainer can give, you will still be getting the same advice and techniques that any other personal trainer would use. With consistency, you will get the same results as you would with a personal trainer. 

 Anyone who has a puppy will definitely want this training. It is important to start training early so that a puppy can understand what is acceptable and not acceptable. With Dove's help, proper training can be instilled from an early age, and bad behavior can be avoided. 

 Anyone who wants to teach their dog tricks will also benefit from this training. Even though tricks can be amusing to humans, they are also important to a dog's mental health. It keeps their brain working as they try to recall what is wanted from them, and you will notice that dogs that perform tricks are much happier than dogs who sit around with nothing to challenge their mind. 

 In conclusion, Dove Cresswell and her Dog Training Online is an excellent resource for anyone who owns a dog. She uses positive training to help encourage good behavior, and you can easily learn her techniques through readily available video. There is no risk to you with the money back guarantee, but there is an incredible benefit to you and your dog once you learn how to interact with each other in a way that produces positive results."

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