4 Tips on Choosing The Right Veterinarian

4 Tips on Choosing The Right Veterinarian"Picking out the right doctor for your pet dog is a very important decision most dog owners do not really think twice about. They usually just pick out the vet living closest to their homes so it will be easier for them to take their dogs out for an appointment. The location of your vet is just one of the factors you need to keep in mind. From prescribing medication to giving health and fitness advices to giving advice on choosing the right shampoo to tips on keeping your pet safe when riding a car, your vet needs to be someone you can trust with anything that has to do with the longevity and health of your beloved dog.

Below are a few tips on finding the right vet.

Ask your neighbors and friends

Have a quick chat with friends and neighbors who have dogs about their vet and the services they get. Get 3 of the most recommended veterinarians, write down their contacts and ask for the benefits if you would ever go there for any concerns. You can also talk to the pet shop or breeder where you got your dog if they know any good veterinarians that you can see.

Know what they offer

Once you have a few contacts, try to call and ask about their rates and services. A good vet clinic offers new medical procedures and tests that can predict any illnesses and disease that could develop. Ask if they have any services that can screen for genetic illnesses such as DM in dogs or if they offer tests that can predict if your dog is prone to any bred related diseases.


It's important for you to know what time the clinic is open and what time it closes. Dogs are very playful and adventurous by nature, and because of this, they might get into situations where they end up hurting themselves. You should ask if they have someone available to call 24/7. This way, you know you have someone to run to if your dog gets into an accident.


Aside from medication, some dog illnesses, such as DM in dogs, will need some form of therapy. Many animal clinics and hospitals also have an animal physical therapy specialist working with them. These specialists can create a therapy program together with the vet that covers the dog's exercise routine, diet, therapy sessions and even food supplements."

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