Why Keep Hens And Chickens?

"There are many reasons to keep??chickens and few reasons not to. If you are reading this it is likely that you have an interest in eating and living in a more natural way. The last few years have made us all reflect on what is really important in life and making the most of our homes and family has again become a top priority.

As people eat out less and increasingly look for ways to add to the family budget, growing your own food, has become more and more popular. As a result people who have successfully grown their own vegetables are now also looking to??keep??chickens. It is believed that in the UK alone there are over 750,000 hobby chicken keepers.

So what are??the benefits of keeping hens and even raising your own chickens?

The primary reason of course is to produce your own organic eggs and if you wish your own organic meat. The great thing about eating your own eggs or chickens is that you know exactly what has gone into them. You can be happy in the knowledge that they have been fed a healthy diet, free of?? any nasty unknowns.

You also know that your produce is healthier for the environment as there has been no gas guzzling miles involved in transporting it to your kitchen. Your chickens can also be fed on your non-meat kitchen scraps which is a great way of recycling organically.

You can also eat your eggs at breakfast, free from??guilt at the thought that??the hen that laid them may have suffered a miserable factory-line life in some crowded shed.

You will never have to ??buy a bag of fertiliser again as chicken droppings make a superb garden fertiliser, being rich in potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous. If you can't use it all, local gardeners and allotment owners will be delighted to have it instead and may even be willing to pay you for it.

Chickens will provide hours of entertainment and your kids will love having them around. They make excellent pets and are??far more interesting than guinea pigs??or hamsters and??are able to lead a better life than the poor imprisoned family rabbit. You will be surprised at how different each chicken's personality will be and how relaxing it is just watching them pecking around the backyard.??

You may also find that you become??so proud of your chickens that you decide to enter them into shows. A whole new world of prizes and glory can be yours. You could also??decide to breed and sell this prize-winning line of birds you now have.

So there are lots of good reasons for keeping your own chickens. As long as you have permission to keep them on your land and you have the time to look after them then there is nothing to stop you."

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