Great Budgie Care Made Easy : A Complete Guide For Caring For Your Budgie

"We all want to look after our pets well, so they're happy and healthy, but to many owners it's a mystery what good budgie care really is. Let's clear up some of that confusion, so your feathered friend can have a long and wonderful life by your side. 

 Healthy Diet 

 These days it's common knowledge that you need a balanced diet in order to stay healthy, but many budgie owners don't realize what a healthy diet is for their pet. It's easy to get fooled into thinking that all your budgie needs is bird seed, since everyone knows that birds eat seed, and it's unlikely anyone will tell you otherwise when you buy your bird. 

 The truth is that seed is only part of a healthy diet for budgies, just like bread or potatoes can be part of a healthy diet for us. Pet budgies also need plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to be healthy. It's sad how many budgies die each year from malnutrition because their owners don't realize this simple fact. 

 It might seem strange that pet budgies need fruits and vegetables, when they rarely get these sorts of foods in the wild. However, budgies in the wild eat ripening seeds, and the nutritional content changes a lot when the seeds ripen. 

 While the seeds are still green they're packed full of nutrients, and they're low in fat. When the seeds are ripe they're high in fat, and low in nutrients. What's more, seeds lose more of their nutritional value during storage and transport, so by the time they get to your budgie there's hardly any vitamins or minerals in them. 

 It can be difficult to get your budgie started on their veggies, but as you can see, it's well worth the effort, because it gives their bodies all the nutrients they need to function properly, and remain healthy. 

 Plenty of Exercise 

 Everybody knows that exercise is good for you, and that holds true for your budgie. They need plenty of opportunity to stretch their wings, and to climb, scuttle and hop around. At least an hour each day out of their cage will give them enough exercise to keep their body in good condition. Combined with a healthy diet, you're really setting your budgie up for good health. 

 Also, time outside the cage gives your budgie a chance to explore and have fun. They are very inquisitive creatures, so they'll get bored quickly if they never have anything to do. Your home is a vast park of interesting experiences for your budgie. Exploring empty shoes, under the sofa, and between the ornaments will give your budgie hours of fun. 


 Budgies are very social animals since, in the wild, they live in large social groups, and will live side by side with their mate. If your budgie doesn't have anyone to socialize with, they'll soon become lonely and depressed. 

 If you're not going to be around much, a second budgie will make a great companion for your bird. If you are around, your budgie is happy for you to become their friend. They'll enjoy singing to you, climbing on you, playing games and maybe getting their head scratched. But you have to keep your end of the bargain and spend time with them regularly. 

 Good Medical Care 

 We tend to take good medical care for granted, but I don't think any of us could over state its value when we're sick. Veterinary bills can quickly become expensive, if you're unprepared for them, so if you're not the richest person in the world it makes sense to plan ahead for them. Either get pet insurance, or put some money aside each time you get paid. 

 Accidents, injury and illness happen; it's a fact of life. Knowing that, it's only responsible to make sure you can get your budgie to the medical care it will need."

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