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"Ever thought of keeping a pet? Feeding it, bathing it, playing with it and looking after it like your own child? It is quite fun and children are often fond of this pet keeping activity as it proves to be a great companion to you. Sometimes we make such strong bonds with our pets that when we have to let them go one day, it seems like a loved one has passed away. But which animal would you want as a pet? Maybe you like a rabbit, or a cat, or a bird, or even a dog. How are you going to select one out of those?

Every animal is not right for every person. There are many things to consider before you adopt a pet. For example, who is willing to take up the responsibility of being the primary caregiver for the animal? Mice and hamsters are perfect pets for kids. Because they are small in size, their cage does not require too much space. They sleep throughout the day and are more active during the night. Though rats have a bad reputation, they can also be great pets and need to be handled carefully. However, they need more space than just a cage.

An additional point to ponder about is the level of energy of the animals. Rabbits for instance are very energetic and social in nature. They need human attention and lots of space to play around. Guinea pigs however are larger and lazier animals. They prefer to sit in one place the whole day.

It is also important to research the lifespan of the animal you decide to have as your pet. Hamsters and rats live just for a few years while chinchillas, if taken care of properly, can live up tp 10-15 years. Rabbits live for an average of 6-8 years. Hence you should decide the amount of time commitment you are ready to give to your new companion.

Parrots are an interesting pet to have. They are beautiful and intelligent and you can have great fun playing and talking with them. Wild bird food for parrots is mostly wild bird seeds like nuts and other seeds. Other bird food includes nutritional fruits and also flowers.

Always remember, the smaller the animal, the better the pet. If you give them proper shelter, food, care, attention, living space, and some love, your pet will bond into the family almost immediately."

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