Why Keep Chickens - Convincing Reasons To Keep Backyard Chickens

"For most people, keeping chickens in their back yards has probably never crossed their minds. It would often be regarded as something the country types like to do, or those trying to liver the 'good'  is a shame as keeping chickens is not as difficult as people seem to think, in-fact chickens actually make very good pets.

You don't need very much space

Despite arguments from chicken enthusiasts who breed their chickens to eat, you don't need much space at all for chickens, especially if you're keeping them for their eggs. There are many great chicken houses and runs that would fit in most gardens or back yards, and even olds sheds or outbuildings can be adapted for the job.Chickens are not like humans and they are not bothered about room design and really only need somewhere to perch at night, nest in the day and some room to roam around the grass preferably. You don't need a license to keep a small flock of chickens so you won't have any issues there (although it's always best to double check before you go jumping in buying chickens for your back yard).

Chickens are almost self caring

Unlike other pets, particularly dogs, you don't need to give chickens much attention. You can let them out in the morning, make sure they have some water and feed available to them and they will be more than happy to walk around their pen all day pecking at the ground. Obviously the more time you spend with your chickens the stronger the bond between you will grow and you will soon find, using food as persuasion you can train your chickens to be nice and tame, you can even have them eating out of your hand.

Chickens are not expensive to raise

One main advantage of having chickens as pets is that they are a relatively cheap pet to have. If you consider the cost of initially buying a dog, depending on its breed this can be hundreds of pounds, whereas for an elaborate pure breed chicken it's a fraction of this cost. The main cost is the hen house however, if you build this yourself you can again save a load of money, you can feed your chickens chicken feed, which is cheap to buy, or scraps from the kitchen. Once you have chickens that lay eggs you can always grow your flock by letting some of the eggs hatch instead of eating them, that way it doesn't cost you a penny to acquire more chickens / hens.

Chickens are pretty healthy animals

Chickens that have been well looked after are generally healthy birds, meaning they don't require much medical attention. As long as you keep their chicken coop / hen house clean, give the chicken's freedom to move around and ensure they always have food and drinking water you should have a good, healthy flock of chickens that give you fresh eggs every day."

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