5 Tips For Keeping Healthy Happy Chickens

"If you keep your own chickens, you may be wondering how you can keep them happy and healthy. Once you have got to know your chickens, this is easy, but until then there are five tips to keeping your chickens happy and healthy which you need to know. With this company's wealth of experience and love of all things chicken related, they can offer advice that you can trust in to support your journey with your feathered friends.

1. Healthy Diet vs. Those Naughty Treats

Like most people, chickens love their food so keeping them on a healthy diet can seem difficult when they love the extra bits of bacon or those dried mealworm which you keep handing out. To keep your chickens healthy, giving them an occasional treat is ok; just make sure you don't get blackmailed into giving your chicken treats all the time.

2. Sheltering your Little Friends

Everyone needs a home (a coop) and chickens are no exception. This company conveniently stocks a vast selection of coops which can accommodate for all styles, sizes and heights. Your chicken coop should protect them from harsh weather, while offering appropriate ventilation so that during the warmer months they are not too hot.

3. Giving Them Leg Room

Everyone likes a bit of leg room, and instead of going for a brisk walk out in the country, chickens are content to potter around your back garden. It is usually recommended that you give them a square meter of run per bird.

4. Safety

To keep your chickens safe and sound, erecting a fence around their run will give them the freedom to run wild, while offering them protection from predators. If you live an urban situation then you may naively believe that there are no predators to attack your new pets. Sadly, you could not be more wrong and actually, all chickens are at risk.

5. Tender Loving Care (TLC)

Last tip of the day - give your chicken care with lots of love and attention. Once acclimatised, they're happy with human contact and some loved to be fussed; you will notice if they are unhappy they might become sick more quickly.

If you need any more advice about keeping your chickens happy, then don't hesitate to get in touch with this company. They love the fact that more and more people are finally realising the enjoyment that chickens can bring into your lives, and as such eagerly offer help and advice."

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