How to Handle Chicken Predators

"Most of the people like to have own chicken farms, they normally love to have this chickens for specific reasons either to get fresh eggs or to sell them when it's grown or to cook them for a feast. It does not matter if you are growing your chicken to sell them or to eat yourselves but you should remember that there are lots of wild predators out there who would love to taste your chicken as much as you do. 

 Initially you need to make a shelter for it to protect your chickens. It is not safe if your chickens are left free in open space because of it you may suppose to lose your chicken. You need to make a home for your chickens because where ever it may be, if you left your chicken free than it will be eaten by the predator animals. 

 Now a day there were many new style of home for chickens are there, in that chicken coop are the most popular one. The feature in this chicken coop helps you to keep free from the predator animals and additionally you need to make shelter for it which should connected with the chicken coop, so that it is suitable to stay warm during winter. 

 You need to consider certain things before constructing an underground fence; usually the consideration will vary based on the area where you live. We can't stop entering certain predator in to the underground fence like weasels, raccoons, and so on; these predators will dig the ground to get your chickens. So it better to establish your underground fence with chicken wire or with plywood. 

 Predators prefer the methodology of hide and attack so it is necessary to avoid growing of large bushes and clustering of grass. So if you have more hiding places, then it causes more danger to your pets. 

 One of the most dangerous chicken predators is foxes because they don't have any fear to climb the coop to get your chickens. Hawks are also in these categories, because it will attack from the above just like jumping from the sky. Similar to this there are many predators that cannot be simply stopped by fence. 

 Generally, if your coop is established using strong materials than it is mostly safe for your chickens. You need to be careful and alert from the fox and local cats. So you need to think for providing protections for these animals. 

 Now a day it is easy to protect your loved animals from the predators by using the simple red light animal repellent which is easy to install and it will make the predators to stay out."

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