What is New on the WWWeb...Changes in the Developing World to the Way People Live and Shop

"It has products explicitly for bird lovers ranging from quality cages, outside cages, bird cage playtops, playtop cages, and small bird cages to books on birds, bird nutrition and extra playthings you can put in your birdcage to amuse your pet bird.

We were discussing internet business and the booming market that has become the World Wide Web. He was telling me that e-business these days done across the globe with choice getting greater and payment and shipping become easier and more reliable than ever, we are in the midst of a revolutionary change as to how the world shops and selects their purchases. This has huge ramifications for the way societies develop, how and where people live and work and shop. And of course for how products are marketed.

While this may seem a bit pass� for folks in USA and Canada and indeed much of Europe, consider for a moment what it means for say the average shopper in a traditional society in emerging countries such as in South East Asia, Latin America and Africa for example where this really is a revolution.

It means these people can purchase over the internet and receive goods shipped to their door. In smaller markets and smaller countries the choice becomes even bigger and better as the world becomes your store and what is on offer is a bigger and brighter range of products than ever dreamed of before. It really has become the revolution in shopping and giving people so much more range, choice and buyer perspective.

""It is great for people who are remote from large cities and towns where their local store does not carry much of a range of anything,"" said Roy, ""to be able to have such a diverse range of products in their on-line store and delivered right to their door. Now products from across the world are on offer for everyone alike.""

Go have a look and see what we mean."

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