War Horse Earns a Firm Ground in The Audience's Heart For Horse Racing

"When Gary Ross narrated the story of the racing legend Seabiscuit through his biographical movie, Seabiscuit: An American Legend, the world was stirred by the beauty and heart, the sport of horse racing constitutes within itself. Reminiscent of the same spirit, Secretariat touched millions of lives as it retold the legacy of the incredible reality and memories of one of the finest, the entire horse racing fraternity has ever witnessed, the fastest and probably the most loved, Secretariat.

Steven Spielberg's sign off for the season following an unimaginably tremendous response for The Adventures of Tintin, comes another moving masterpiece, ""War Horse"" that tells the tale of a horse, born a thoroughbred but lived quite differently. The story depicts what choice the thoroughbred was born with and what life chose for him instead. Pictured as the protagonist, our central character, ""Joey"" has been played by fourteen different horses who portray the life journey of the horse from birth to adulthood.

It's surprisingly uncanny how the horses involved in the movie have been so much of a perfection in conveying their emotions; despite the fact that screenplay comes from us, the meticulously handpicked crew of horses have delivered every frame with utter precision. The story revolves around the life of this fine horse who is purchased well beyond affordability, driven by affection, by a humble farmer, Ted (Peter Mullan). His wife, Rose (Emily Watson), is in absolute disagreement but their only son, Albert (Jeremy Irwine) finds a friend and a companion in Joey. The bond strengthens as they grow together, ploughing and farming, until the hell breaks loose with the onset of the disastrous World War I.

Cavalry separates Joey from Albert; while the boy resolves to find his beloved horse back and gets enlisted in the army, the story follows the odyssey Joey embarks upon, changing hands in the military, fighting from both sides under different masters, his experiences with so many others distressed by the war but deeply touched by his loyalty and compassion for human life; ""War Horse"" is an epic that brings to the audience the story of a magnificent horse born to race, ending up on battlefront waging wars and emerging victorious eventually, as the epitome of courage, bravery and honesty.

Will the journey meet a happy end? Watch it to find out.

And will the movie reinforce the passion for the sport in the audience through its narration of the journey accomplished by an otherwise 'racing' horse? How the movie influences and impacts every individual is beyond my control, but personally, I, most definitely, feel that the story will redefine the incredibility of racing horses despite the fact whether they are winning on the race tracks or a satisfactory contender. In either case, the stamina they display, the intelligence of understanding the sport and its various aspects, good or bad, the courage to stay consistent through victories or defeats is commendable.

The horse racing fraternity may benefit from this wonderful movie that depicts the life of a thoroughbred, its highs and lows, and the extreme situations that often become a part of their life. The sport, originally known as a ""Sport of Kings"" will sure benefit from the fact that ""War Horse"" brings to fore the emotions and feelings these exemplary animals are completely capable of experiencing and expressing through their untold actions.

Maybe the audience could catch a game after the flick to relive the magic associated with these beautiful animals, and if you would, join us, the huge family of equine lovers on Horse Race Game. ""War Horse"" is an emotional roller coaster ride packed with adventure; the 3D games from us will bring back just that; simply register and kick start, we will never disappoint you."

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