The 4 Perks of a Pet Hotel Checking in Your Pet

"Planning a vacation means having to leave your beloved pet dog home. If you can't find someone willing to baby sit your pet while you're away, you have the option of leaving it at a pet hotel. If you're not familiar with what a pet hotel is, it's basically an establishment that lets you check your pet in and the friendly staff will take care of it while you're away. Most cities and towns already have these pet hotels and you can choose from a number of services like grooming and even medical checkups. 

 Here are a few benefits of leaving your pet doggy at the hotel. 

 Daily walks 

 You're sure that your doggy gets all the excursive it needs. You don't need to panic about making sure that your doggy is getting the right exercise time and you won't need to hire a dog walker that needs to go in and out of your home while you're away. With pet hotels, the staffs are assigned to walk your doggy once or twice daily. Ask more questions about their exercise routine if you want to be more specific. 

 Nutritious meals 

 Pet hotels feed their tenants with top quality, nutritious dog food during their stay. If your dog is on a specific diet, as is the case of mutts that have dm in dogs, you can also tell the hotel staff to only feed it certain types of food or a certain brand of dog food. If you want your dog to eat homemade meals, then you can also request the staff to serve it freshly cooked meals. In addition, they can also offer snacks and treats. 

 Net access 

 It's not for your dog, but for you. You can view your doggy and how it's doing on the net. Not all hotels offer net service and if you really want to keep an eye on your pet and see it every day, especially if they're sick with dm in dogs, then you can just look for a pet hotel that offers available net connection. 


 Leaving your dog at a pet hotel doesn't mean that it won't have fun. Your dog will also have play time and might even get to meet other dogs that are living at the hotel. It is important though that you tell the staff if your dog is friendly or a bit reserve when it comes to other animals to avoid any confrontations."

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