New Law Bans Battery Chickens

"At last new legislation has come into place to ban the very cruel practise of keeping battery hens. No longer are they housed in steel cages so small that they cannot extend their wings to flap or even turn around, confined in a space so small that all they could do is eat. These poor birds didn't understand the term freedom and their existence was determined by the publics crave for cheap eggs. Now this has all changed and at least they will get some space and freedom although i still have issues with the conditions in most poultry farms.

You can never beat looking after chickens yourself giving them a quality of life where they do enjoy themselves and they in turn will reward you with the most amazing tasty fresh eggs. If you have never had the good fortune to try these go and visit your local farm shop and compare the freshness, taste and flavour compared to the inferior eggs sold in Tesco or Asda. 

The great news is that 16 million battery hens have in principle been freed and there is now an urgency to rehouse these chickens so if you are looking to be charitable in 2012 then why not save a few of these birds in your garden. You do not need experience or a lot of time on your hands. Chickens are very independant animals that are happy just wandering about with each others company so please do not think yoy need to give them the same amount of time as you would with a pet.

Setting up a small area with a chicken coop and a run is quite straight forward and not too expensive and you will get your return on your investment with the most beautiful eggs over time. We urge you to give this some thought if you feel that you can help both chickens have a better life and obviously you aswell from having the chance to have fresh eggs at home every day and of course we will gladly give you as much help and support from all the team at Easy Animal."

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