How to Choose the Right Kind of Bird Feeder

"Are you planning to attract more and more beautiful birds to your backyard or garden? There is nothing as such beautiful as listening to the twittering of the birds in the morning and evening. When you wake up in the morning and get a view of your garden full of different types of birds, you will feel a different kind of pleasure. It is a natural beauty. However, bird feeder is the accessory, which is used to decorate the garden or yard. Moreover, it is used to appeal birds to come to the yard or garden, stay there for some time and feed and then fly away. However, these bird feeders are quite popular in the markets nowadays. Usually, they are made up of driftwood to give it more elegant and pleasant look so that you can easily get two benefits, appealing birds and decorating your house.

If you plan to buy a bird feeder then you must make sure that which one you want to choose as there are different designs, types and shapes of the bird feeder available in the market. It is necessary to check the ambience of your house and requirements before choosing the type of the feeder.

=> Platform Feeders: It is a tray model feeder and appeals both large and small birds collectively at large extent. The benefit of the platform feeders is that you can easily buy a bird feeder and it attracts more birds without any trouble. It can easily fit to the places either in interior decor or outdoor decor.

=> Hopper Feeder: It is a large and most important is it is comfortable for large birds. Usually, hopper feeder posses more seed as compared to other feeders, so you don't have to refill it frequently. Thus, if you buy a feeder, you must choose one of them in accordance with your requirements. It is squirrel proof and attractive enough for the birds and house.

=> Tube Feeder: It is the most common feeder which is often find in almost all the yards. It attracts all types of birds and allows them to eat more seeds. This bird feeder is weather resistant so it will be safe from rain, heat and snow.

=> Globe Feeder: If you buy a bird feeder named globe feeder, it attracts particular type of birds. Therefore, this bird feeder is not very well known in the market. However, it is the best for the people who want to attract limited birds only."

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