Books Chirping For All People

"Books on birds are beneficial to all kinds of age and occupancy. Readers don't have to be bird-raisers to actually read one. All that's necessary is the interest in birds even if it means appreciating the beautiful pictures or watching them from afar. These are some of the bird books offered today: 

 For kidsMost parents or guiding adults have their children read bird books to get them interested and knowledgeable in the nature. Nature is what children sees growing up, and birds(so as other animals) are a big part of it; so book's a really good way to answer the children's curiosity about his/her surroundings. Plus, it is better to let the future generations know the importance of protecting Mother Nature while young. Children bird books are usually packed up with lots of photographs accompanied with simple stories and short captions. Children are not big readers so they understand things better when illustrated. Some examples of these children bird books are ""Birds, Nests & Eggs (take along guides)"", ""The Littlest Owl"" and ""What's up duck?"" 

 For Bird-raisersBooks on birds are very essential in bird-raising. It gives the raisers enough founding knowledge on figuring out the bird's preferences on food, habitat, living climate conditions and interaction with the other species. It serves as a manual reference in growing birds for better results. Some examples of these bird guide books are ""Field guide to western birds"", ""Sibley guide to bird life and behavior"" and ""Birder's Life Lists and Diary"". 

 For bird protectors and nature loversBirds are grouped into different species. Sadly, some of the species are already extinct. Extinct species are sometimes seen only though pictures. Books ensure that even some species are considered extinct; it will stay known to some people. In addition to that, it can also help preach ideas of preserving and saving mother earth. Few examples that has these ideas are ""Eagle's Plume: The Struggle to Preserve the life and Haunts of American bald Eagle"" and ""Endangered Species!"" 

 For photography and art fellowsBirds are like moving paintings for most art enthusiast. They see birds as a picture of different colors. The books on birds offered to these enthusiasts are mostly guidelines on how-to and where are perfect places to capture bird species. Making correct exposures are also mentioned on most of these kinds of books. Some examples of these are ""Birds as Art"", ""Art of bird photography"" and ""The Field Guide to Photographing Birds"" 

 For Medicine and HealthIllness passed from birds to people has been notified and recognized. Diseases like Avian flu and Parrot fever are the common ones. The books related to bird diseases are published to notify the public and medical professionals on prevention, symptoms and treatment. It is also published for people to distinguish which species of birds could possibly carry the disease. Few of the examples of the books are ""Bird Flu: A virus of our own hatching"", ""The Great Bird Flu Hoax"" and ""Progress in Psittacosis Research and Control""."

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