How to Choose a Stable For Your Horse

"The good thing is that so many people are living in town and own horses, and pensions, stables and stud farms are generally managed by professionals who are located in a relatively short distance of most major cities.

Unless you live in a rural area, own a ranch or farm or have friends who have room, you will probably need to call a stable to put your horse in which will be a different location as where you live. The cost to leave your horse in a stable can vary by several factors, including the location, amenities and features offered by the team managing the stables.

The cheapest stables usually offer a standard box with a paddock or pasture that the horse may have access. In general, this area will be for all horses, but you may be able to pay extra for a private pasture. As the owner, you will have the responsibility to feed, give water and exercise your horse and clean and provide all vaccinations and medical treatment for the horse. Keep in mind that you will also have to provide your own food, and you can also pay storage costs for hay and fodder to be stored in the stable area for easier access and transport.

Luxury or more expensive stables may include more expensive heated boxes, pens or private pastures, and will give food and services and exercise will be given to the horse by the necessary staff. These luxury stables can be prohibitively expensive for many horse owners, but certainly provide the best care if the owner can not go and see the horse every day.

If you travel a lot or can only ride your horse occasionally, you may want to consider sharing your horse with another person, and thus share the cost of splitting the stable, food and care. This can be a great option for your horse, as it will get plenty of exercise and care by the two owners. If you ride a horse only during certain months of the year due to business or school, leasing your horse to another person during certain hours or certain days can help cover the costs, and keep your horse healthy and neat.

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