Customers Should Explore The Many Incredible Equestrian Disciplines

"If you are looking for a hobby, you would do well by looking into equestrian events. Riding a horse looks fairly simple, but when you actually get on a horse, it soon becomes quite apparent that it only seems easier than it actually is. The first thing you notice when you are up is that you are sitting far from the ground. Suddenly the thought of falling off is quite daunting. 

 You are strongly advised to go to some stable yards and try out horses that are trained in different disciplines. Doing this will help show you what is needed and you will be able to make an informed decision. Riding the gait personally will show you what is entailed and you will be able to decide if you will be able to do it, or not. Riding a trained horse in a specific event will be to your advantage. 

 Once you have tried out the dressage, it is a good idea to move along to the show jumping part of the sport. Here, the horse and rider work as a team, as they go through a course of jumps. Initially, all of them are the same height, but then as the rider gets more experienced, they get higher. 

 After you have tried the show jumping, you will no doubt have been bitten by the adrenaline rush and want to be more daring. Following the last two events, you may want to try out the cross country event. It is just like show jumping, but over a larger area and the jumps cannot fall down. 

 Once you have tried out all three of these, you may be inclined to want to put all your skills together and do the three day eventing competitions. Here, all three disciplines are going to be entered into. The rider and horse act as a team, as they attempt to do all the disciplines over a period of three days. 

 The first day of any eventing is spent on dressage. The tests are set out for the riders to ride through and the ability to handle your horse as well as its skills are all scrutinized. Every step that you and your animal take is judged. 

 One the second day, the horse and rider do a country course of numerous solid jumps. Points are accumulated throughout this event. The competitors need to be ultra fit for this event and they are both tested for their skills as a team. During this event speed counts as well. 

 The third day is spent on show jumping. In this equestrian event, the horse and rider are tested against the clock and at a specific height of jumps. As the show progresses, the fences shall get heightened and the riders will also jump against the clock for time. If the horse knocks the jumps, there are penalties to be issued."

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