How to Buy Horse Halters or Leads?

"If you enjoy riding horses for show or for recreation, then you know how important it is to have the right equipment for your horse (H). The halter and the lead are two important pieces of horse equipment that fit over the head of the horse and that allow you to control where the H goes. Horse halters (HHs) and leads need to be functional and they need to be comfortable for your horse. They can also be pretty too and can complement the rest of your horse gear. 

 How to Buy Horse HaltersHHs fit over the head of your horse and give you more control over the horse. Comfort is the priority when it comes to a HH since your H has to wear the halter. It is important that you make sure you get a halter that has the right fit in order to ensure that it isn't too tight (which can pinch and be uncomfortable) or too lose (which can slide around and chafe). 

 HHs can be purchased in standard sizes, but these sizes may not be the perfect fit for your H. As such, you can also purchase HHs in custom sizes that are specifically designed to your measurements. You can also choose an adjustable buckle for your halter to allow you more flexibility in the fit. 

 The material for your HH is also important. The fabric or cloth part should be a durable material so that you don't have to frequently replace the halter when it gets dirty. The hardware should be solid brass or another solid metal material that won't rust or become damaged over time. 

 Finally, a last consideration is the way your halter looks. If you select a custom HH, then you can choose to get the halter in custom colors that work for your look. 

 How to Buy Horse LeadsLeads can be used in conjunction to allow you to lead or direct your horse. Leads for horses are essentially the equivalent of leashes for a dog. They can clip on to a collar or a halter and they can allow you to direct where your H goes. 

 With leads, the key is durability and strength. You do not want your lead to break if you are depending upon your lead to keep your horse with you and under your control. You should, therefore, consider the material that the lead is made from. A durable, heavy nylon is advisable with solid brass hardware. Opting for a braided lead can also add functionality and durability. 

 The length of the lead is yet another key factor. You want enough to provide you with the ability to hold on to the lead comfortably as you direct your horse but you do not want too long of a lead to create a safety hazard. 

 Finally, consider the color and the style of the lead. You may wish to opt for a lead in colors that match the halter in order to complete the fashionable look you are going for."

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