General Guidelines For Treatment Of Bruised Feet And Fly Control Solutions For Horses

"It is a known fact that horses are peculiar about their majestic look and robustness. Nothing else can be compared to the marvelous sight and sound of the galloping of the equine community. So, horses are treated with much importance even today for a variety of purposes such as race or even as pets. But, the saddest part of these animals is that they are prone to numerous diseases like Cushing's disease, Tetanus, Equine Encaphalitis, West Nile virus and so on. Amongst these, the most common maladies are bruised feet, sweet itch and diseases caused by flies.

The bruised foot is generally caused by hitting a hard object like stone or rock. This causes the hoof to be damaged as a result of which the animal becomes disabled to walk. If detected at the initial stage, the owner itself can treat the feet by making the horse to rest and applying Epsom salt solution on the hoof. But if the condition becomes worse, it becomes a necessity to visit a vet and get treated. Moreover, nowadays many new products like hoof conditioners are available in the market which are very effective in hoof repair.

Another pesky ailment for the Equine community is the skin infection called 'Sweet itching' caused by Cullicoides midge, commonly called as no seeums. When the saliva of no seeums gets spread on the skin of the animal because of its bite, it causes severe itching which leads to the development of sores. You can only prevent this by taking utmost care like avoiding moist places like ponds and lakes where the larvae is prone to be more and application of natural fly spray solutions in a motive to prevent them from biting your horse.

In general, horses are often subject to bites by flies which drive them to extreme botheration. Therefore, the key point of keeping your horses healthy and hygienic lies in the secret of how we maintain the horses' barn and its surrounding areas. It's mandatory to frequently clean the manure and other rubbish materials found near the stable since it is the ideal place for breeding of flies. Another preventer method would be to purchase a fly tape and hang in places where flies commonly reach out so that they get attracted to and come and stick to it. This is an old method of trapping them. An easy method is to just pour hot water over the maggots and also natural fly spray products can be used. Other than these, numerous pest repellents are available at the market which is very useful in getting rid of pests.

With these treatments, horses can be protected from their common diseases like bruised feet and sweet itching."

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