Selling Your Horse to a Good Home

"Whatever your reasons for selling your horse, you will need to find a buyer that is able to provide a good home. Ensuring that your horse will be provided with a good home and the right amount of care will allow you to feel at ease when it comes to selling. You can take the following steps to reduce the risk of selling your horse to a home where it may be neglected, mistreated or handled incorrectly: ??? Sell to a friend or family member. If you know a friend or family member that has an interest in horses, is experienced with handling or riding them, is prepared to make a financial commitment and can provide a good home, then you may wish to consider selling your horse to them. Selling your horse to someone you know is trustworthy will enable you to avoid the risk of your horse being mistreated or neglected. Not only this, but your sale will be quick and simple, particularly if the person you are selling to already knows everything about your horse and has expressed an interest.

??? Sell your horse locally. Selling your horse to a local buyer will make it easier for you to keep up to date with how your horse is settling into its new home. You can easily strike up a friendship with the buyer and request that you stop by every now and then to visit your horse.

??? Get as much information as you can on the buyer's history with horses. Before you make a sale, it is vital that you are familiar with your potential buyer's history with owning horses. Ask them what experience they have with horses and request that they provide references. Inviting a potential buyer to visit your horse and studying how they interact with each other will give you an idea of whether or not the buyer seems experienced with handling and caring for horses.

??? Match your horse to the right buyer. In order to increase your chances of providing your horse with a good home, you will need to find a buyer that not only has experience of handling horses but also one with the right capabilities. If your horse is old and you are selling it as a companion horse, then you will need to find a buyer that is able to provide it with a comfortable home and plenty of care. If you are selling a competition horse, then be sure to seek out a seller that has plenty of riding experience. It is vital that the type of horse you are selling matches the buyer's experience and capabilities in order for your horse to be handled correctly and treated well. Finding a seller with the right skills and level of experience will also reduce the risk of accidents that may result in injury to the buyer or your horse.

??? Advertise your horse well. Making sure that your horse is well advertised will increase your chances of selling it to the right buyer. Avoid placing a small advert with no photograph and very little details in the paper or online as this will increase the risk of attracting the wrong buyer and may also make experienced and trustworthy buyers wary of you. Instead, make your advert professional. Include a good quality photograph of your horse and include as much information as you can, such as the type of horse you are selling, details of its personality, whether or not it interacts well with other horses and what living conditions it prefers. A professional looking advert with plenty of information will increase your chances of finding a buyer that is not only a perfect match for the type of horse you are selling but also one that can provide it with a good home."

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